A lot has been said recently about Spectator Safety on motorsport events and in particular rallies. Social media has been full of doom and gloom but there are also some glimmers of hope.

We need to show those that doubt us that we can manage our sport and that we are responsible and aware of our surroundings and so we are asking you for your help.

It’s the intention of the Nicky Grist Stages 2017 to run a safe spectacle for all involved. If you see someone acting irresponsibly ask them to think about their actions, but be calm and polite. If you are still concerned please report their behaviour to the nearest marshal.

We welcome all spectators to the designated Spectator Areas on and around the Epynt Ranges. Admission is only by purchase of a spectator programme (all monies going to local charities via Brecon Rotary Club and Tirabad Village Hall), which will be available as you enter any of the areas.

Military activity will be taking place on the Epynt Ranges throughout the weekend while the rally is taking place. At this sensitive time for rallying and the military, it is imperative that all of us use The Ranges sensibly and keep to the areas we have been allowed to use. Spectators being inconsiderate, driving poorly or attempting to watch the rally at points other than those that have been published could seriously affect rallying on MOD land in the future. So, at all times, please heed any requests from the marshals.

The Nicky Grist Stages event team has embraced the recommendations of the recently published Motorsport Event Safety Review (The Scottish report). Spectator safety is paramount on this event and we are committed to all spectators having a safe and enjoyable day.

No spectating is allowed at locations other than the two officially designated spectator areas on Route 60 and Halfway.

At these locations, trained Marshals will be on hand to engage and support your safety. Please ensure you comply with their instructions. They are there to ensure the smooth running of the event, compliance with the safety plan and your wellbeing.

Please respect all Nicky Grist rally signs and the tape. Yellow and Black is GOOD and provides an area considered to be safe for you to stand. Red and white is a NO GO area and will put you at risk from injury. Any spectators, photographers or marshals seen standing in red and white taped areas will be moved and may potentially cause the stage to be cancelled!  The organisers will also cancel a stage if any spectator is found to disregard the instructions of the marshals and safety officers and continue to behave in a manner that goes against the regulations of the Nicky Grist Stages.

Directions & Viewing Areas

SS2 & SS6 – ROUTE 60


Approach and depart only from Llywel (map ref 160/870299) off the A40 and travel up the dual carriageway for approximately 2.5 miles. Then turn right onto the gravel road (map ref 160/871358), where you can park and have a very short walk to the stage.

By standing safely in the Spectator Area up on the hillside opposite the tight hairpin junction, it is possible to see the cars arriving from the left taking the hairpin ad disappearing downhill into a dip, you can see the cars again on the mid horizon heading towards the finish. Catering and toilets will be at this location.

NO vehicular access is available at the access areas to the start or finish of this stage or to any other areas of the Ranges. Please help keep rallying on Epynt




Enter the Ranges via the dual carriage (as for route 60 above) continue past the entrance to the route 60 spectator area. Turn left down ‘the steps’ and follow the spectator arrows for approx. 1 mile. Car Parking is on an open section of grass land adjacent to the spectator area. DO NOT PARK on the track leading down to the Spectator point.

This point provides great viewing of the cars at speed as they approach downhill before exiting a sharp 90 degree left hand bend. 

There is NO access or exit from the A40, near Halfway village.


Saturday Spectator locations



Following on from last years sucsessful partnership the Nicky Grist Stages are pleased to be working in partnership with Go Safe and the local Police Authorities to ensure the event passes through the area with as little disruption as possible.

As well as having a high profile pressence on the event GoSafe will have a stand at Rally Headquaters on the Friday.

Please note it is a condition of admission to the Rally that spectators are only allowed to take video footage on Military land for personal use only. Footage may not be published into the public domain without the consent of the Nicky Grist Stages and/or Landmarc. Anyone found to have published such footage may be liable to a substantial fee.


The event takes place on both Natural Resources Wales and Military Training Area Land. The Sennybridge Training Area is a live Military Training Facility and Military Units will be using areas not used by the Rally. Spectators are asked not to use any area not specified as a spectator point.